Meeting My Inner Sun

Meeting My Inner Sun

I'd love to share my story about the first explorations of the power that sits within my Inner Sun - Solar Plexus Chakra located in our navel regulating our healthy boundaries, will-power, balanced digestion and motivation.  


The area of my abdominals and tummy has always felt very untouched, sensitive and vulnerable while at times it also took a fair bit of self-hate talk and shameful thoughts. 


Owning my power and setting healthy boundaries sounded a little edgy for me as I was very much used to pleasing everybody and caring about what others think of me a lot. I would spend hours worrying about the external judgement, which was truly internal and not fully confident in my actions.



2019 was a year of mindfulness and it was also the year I began to dive deeper into my own energy, where I found a whole lot of hidden mysteries surfacing. My interest in Honey Calcite raised incredibly as it felt so warm, comfortable and I could absolutely get lost in its shades of brown, yellow and edgy cubic form. The density of this particular mineral feels so heavy, grounding and reassuring! 

Regular yoga practice showed me how important the core of my body is, as mine lacked a little bit of energy, I would often end up feeling discomfort in my lower back after a yoga class or lifting heavy crystals, which led to a decision to pay more attention to it.

While I learned about Nutrition, Gut Bacteria, Core Strength and different forms of strengthening exercise, I began to acknowledge my Solar Plexus energy which was a big shift already, as I regularly noticed how engaged my core was as I lift heavier things, whether I'm able to say NO to things not aligning with me or what is the food I consume. 

It was Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Cleanse that gave me a very insightful understanding of my Digestive Fire and how my diet affects my entire life, frequency, vibration and all my different bodies - physical, spiritual and energetic. As I progressed in my body awareness, I couldn't go backwards anymore and my core with gut were getting the healing they needed. 

Now there's a lot more energy flowing through my Solar Plexus and my life started transforming. Alongside with my nutrition changes and switching mainly into All Things Green, I added a lot more Turmeric, Chamomile, Ginger and fermented foods such as sauerkraut, fermented cashew cheese and ACV into my essentials. I've started working with an amazing nutritionist Jennalea Mclness who's been offering health and nutrition coaching for me, which I'm super grateful for. 

Day by day I'm gaining more motivation for life, aiming for higher visions and goals and I continue to build strength, stability and support for not just my body but also state of mind. I started snapping out of the vicim mode when things happen in a triggering way, instead I dig deeper with the help of my Honey & Yellow Calcite or Yellow Quartz and plenty of journaling



I know and feel there's a lot of places to revisit in this process, but I'm already so proud of myself for how far I've come and I'm hoping to inspire as many of us as I can. May we use this quarantine for us to dig deeper, go inwards and observe the feeling of our bodies while we metamorphose.


We can either be the victims of the virus and its consequences or create our own realities and lives we dream of in the meantime. 


I am always here to listen, if anyone feels like reaching out and sharing their journey with me. I am in service to you so we can all help each other to heal, become true to ourselves and reclaim our power.

With much gratitude and love, 

Eva x 

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