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Crystalline Tools for Alignment

Embody your highest potential and connect with mineral consciousness from the depth of the Earth by creating daily wellness rituals.

Raw energy ☀︎

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Your everyday companion by Zalah. We aim to bring function and form to your everyday.

  • Soul Connection

    Crystals and minerals connect us to our soul in order to hear the inner voice with more clarity - as that's what drives us to our higher purpose in life.

  • Emotional Support

    Emotions are energy in motion and to assist with easing the flow and breaking through any blockages, crystals can be of great use to support and amplify higher frequencies.

  • Enhancing mindfulness

    Keeping crystals around your space encourages clarity and self awareness, which are the key elements of growth and energy transmutation.

  • Interior adornment

    Elevating the aesthetics of your home or workspace with crystals would not only look good, but it also amplifies the radiant energy of your surroundings.

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The Crystalline Alignment

Crystal Amulets by Zalah Crystals

TCA is an online offering that gathers women with the vision of creating the life of their dreams - full of clarity, passion & magnetism inside a private 1:1 container teaching you how to embody a sense of ease when living in alignment, tap into the power of your cycle and create a daily practice to magnetise the opportunities that you’ve been calling in to co-create your ideal world.

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Kind words from community

“I love the personalized crystal grid I received from Zalah. It is very special as the combination of the crystals serve to support and remind me to confidently step into my work with dedication and openness to receive guidance from Higher Source.

The crystal grid encourages me to embody trust, to go forth with the work and path that I am on, and the rest will manifest in due time."

- Sandy

“My favourite parcel to receive is one from Zalah Crystals. Having only recently been introduced to their offerings, I am fortunate enough to have already curated my own special collection of pieces I’ve felt especially drawn to. Eva and Jason demonstrate incredible and authentic transparency on the ethicality behind Zalah and it’s just another reason why I love to support them.”

- Sarah Hunt

"If that isn't crystal goals I don't know what is. So grateful to have a beautiful store to buy from that actually cares so much for the crystals and the customers. You're incredible. I recommend you to everyone that asks where I buy. Can't wait to purchase more in near future."

- Jessica Lea Olson