How to have a conversation with Money

How to have a conversation with Money

Have you ever talked to money as an entity before?

What would it say to you if you were to talk to it as your best friend? 

Money is such an essential part of everyone's lives and a huge element of living in alignment, yet so often we shy away from talking about it. Why? The answer is simple. For the majority of people it feels awkward, confronting, perhaps intimidating and there is just not enough education around financial empowerment in the mainstream spaces. 

In Zalah we like to dive deeper into the energetics of money rather than its physical manifestation only. Money in its monetary expression is a form of exchange and the polarity of give and receive in this world. We believe that everyone was born with a natural state of abundance, but the patterns and conditioning that we pick up along growing up prevent us from being able to fully receive and unlock that prosperity. 

This is why the decision of taking things into our hands and energy work come handy. What do we mean when we say energy work?

Money, just like everything has, has two polarities - The Masculine & The Feminine. 

The Masculine stands for structures, systems, direction, investing and the service we produce in exchange for receiving a financial reward, while the Feminine stands for energy work, navigating through our emotions, the ability to receive, money manifestation and magnetism. Which one of these polarities have you developed more in your life? Or do they feel reasonable balanced and cooperating together? 

Everyone's journey is completely different and the relationship with money is always a truly individual thing, hence why what works for one person doesn't need to work for the other. The best way when calling in abundance and unblocking anything that stands in between you and building your wealth, is to open up a conversation with Money.

It sure can feel confronting at the start and it's important to be gentle on yourself, as a lot can come up, but this will only make the relationship clearer and more cooperative. If you've never done this before, here are a few steps on how to facilitate this transformative activity: 

1. Create a safe container for yourself, light up the candles and set the tone as if you're meeting your best friend for a chai. Grab some Garnet crystals for more energetic support.

2. Prepare your journal so you can anchor any messages that are coming through and want to give you some guidance. 

3. Start by greeting Money as if it was an entity in front of you and don't be afraid to fully open up. How do you feel about it? How does it feel about you? Does money feel safe and playful with you or does it feel constricted and pressured?

4. Ask it if there's anything it would like to say to you and journal out whatever transpires from this conversation. 

Oftentimes we dread this step as we're afraid of money would say to us, which already indicates there may be some blockages standing in between us and the infinite flow of abundance, that's constantly streaming like a river or our breath. If we all understood and comprehended the fact, that we all have equal opportunities to create prosperity in our life, even if someone was more or less privileged in the material world, we would be able to create so much more in this lifetime.

Wealth is not an amount in the back account, it is a mindset. Our subconscious mind rules about 90% of our life, and so working on that mindset on a subconscious level will create wonders and huge shifts in the 3D reality. Everything is a relationship, as we are continuously relating to something around us - may it be other humans, may it be the planet, may it be our purpose or may it be money. 

Money is also a very strong element of the Root Chakra and when flowing openly and freely, it provides a sense of grounding, stability and belonging. However when blocked, it can also show up as shame, judgement towards those that are magnetic and living in a fight or flight mode. That's why it is so important for us to have a healthy relationship with it, so that we can fully surrender, trust that we are taken care of and continue our path of developing our spiritual awareness and connection to the Divine. 

If this article made you realise that there may be some unclarity or discomfort around your relationship with money and you feel inspired to work in a personalised 1:1 Money Wellness Mentorship container, fill in the contact form to our co-founder Eva Cangarova, whose books are open for facilitating private online sessions to help you uplevel your finances and your personal approach to all things money. 

If you wish to invite a tool that would support you on this journey, we have launched The Abundance Garnet Pair, which is a very helpful modality for feeling more grounded, stable and magnetic when working on all things finances.

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