Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the shipping process safe?

In Zalah we pay maximum attention to detail and the wrapping of the crystals. Regardless of its travels domestically or internationally, we always ensure additional cushioning to protect the piece as much as possible and offer postage via DHL Express for all those who wish to receive their parcels as soon as possible.

How to choose the right crystal?

Choosing a crystal intuitevely can be a very powerful process for us to connect with the particular piece. When we allow our Inner Voice to draw us to a mineral, we're giving permission to the Divine Force to work through us. We recommend observing what shapes and colors you're drawn to and then reading a little bit more about its properties to see if it resonates. You can always contact us privately via our Instagram platform or contact form to tell us a little bit more about what you're searching for and we can find a suitable piece for you or your beloved one.

How to cleanse my crystal?

It's important to cleanse your crystals on regular basis or whenever you feel they're starting to look dull and dusty. The cleaner you maintain your piece, the more light will it allow to shine through and the potency of energy exchange and healing will increase. You can find the sacred Palo Santo wood available in our store and use a burning method by surrounding the crystal with smoke. Alternatively, you use other resins and leaves such as Eucalyptus, Sage or Frankincense.

How to charge my crystal?

Most crystals love getting their energy charged from the sunshine, however some crystal families such as Purple Fluorite, Amethyst, Green Apophyllite & Aquamarine are sun sensitive as their color can fade. For those we recommend utilising the moon light under the Full Moon if it feels resonant.

What rituals can I practice with crystals?

The integration of crystals into your everyday life depends on your intention gor that particular piece. We encourage you to tune in and listen to where your crystal wants to live and how to spend time with it. The best starting point is sitting in silence or having a little meditation with it, then cleanse it and set intentions for its purpose. You can always reach out to us for more detailed guidance on where to place it and how to program it to serve the evolution into your Highest Self.