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The Abundance Garnet Pair

The Abundance Garnet Pair

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The Abundance Garnet Pair is a pair of two little Garnet minerals sourced from Pakistan that are here to support your Root & Sacral energy centres while working with all things money, prosperity and removing any blockages that stand in your way with finances.
If you're someone that has been struggling with the financial matters and you feel that it's time to take things into your hands, this is your unique opportunity to transform your life. The Abundance Garnet pair has been curated by our CEO, Eva Cangarova, who is holding space in her 1:1 Money Wellness Mentorship with the support of crystals that help you transmute stagnancy and reach your next prosperity level. 


Garnet is a grounding and passionate stone resonating mainly with the two lower energy centres - Root Chakra & Sacral Chakra. It has the ability to connect women to the wisdom of the womb, but also ground the masculine in its strong powerful presence of holding space. We find Garnet helpful with finding stability, financial security and connection to one’s roots in life. Garnet in Vedic astrology connects with planetary god Rahu, which is the ascending node of the moon.

Words from our CEO, Eva Cangarova on how she designed The Abundance Garnet Pair:

"I started off by utilising its energy during my bleed, when my ovaries needed extra support. I would place them on my womb to connect within and felt a deep sense of activation. I eventually began my financial organisation & money manifestation journey, when I realised that these Garnets are not only helping me with my bleed, but they also make me feel magnetic and more open to receive —> my money relationship transformed.

Recently it got affirmed through an experience of holding space for one of my clients in the Money Wellness container, while we journeyed through a practice of having a conversation with Money as an entity. It was a truly transformative experience that also required my full presence and mindfulness about each word I speak, as I was the personification of Money for her. I held The Abundance Garnet Pair in my hands the entire time and felt such a strong sense of support. 

The message came through that it wants to be shared with everyone who's on the same journey to create a sense of safety and anchor while navigating the challenging emotions that may arise during this process."

If you wish to read more about how to utilise the energy of The Abundance Garnet Pair, head to our Journal and read more about How to have a conversation with Money.

Origin: Pakistan

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Care Instructions

It's important to cleanse your crystals on regular basis or whenever you feel they're starting to look dull and dusty. The cleaner you maintain your piece, the more light will it allow to shine through and the potency of energy exchange and healing will increase. You can find the sacred Palo Santo wood available in our store and use a burning method by surrounding the crystal with smoke. Alternatively, you use other resins and leaves such as Eucalyptus, Sage or Frankincense.

Most crystals love getting their energy charged from the sunshine, however some crystal families such as Purple Fluorite, Amethyst, Green Apophyllite & Aquamarine are sun sensitive as their color can fade. For those we recommend utilising the moon light under the Full Moon if it feels resonant.

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