Which crystals to moonbathe?

Which crystals to moonbathe?

Tips on charging crystals under the moonlight are all over the internet, but how can we tell whether it actually works or not? In Zalah we receive so many questions about what could be the best way to charge your crystals and the answer is that some crystals love the sun and some prefer the moon. Let's debunk the myths together so you can make sure your crystals are getting the best maintenance and love. 


Just like different people have a different personality - some really enjoy the heat and others will seek shade when the sun is out. Crystals & minerals are the same and before we make a decision about a preferred charging method, we want to examine the energetic makeup of each piece. 


The main difference between the sun & the moon is the polarity of yin & yang. Sun representing the yang, strong masculine energy full of life, warmth and motivation and Moon representing the yin, dark feminine and cooling energy. Depending on each crystal's energy, you can then make a decision which one of these polarities resonate with the crystal more. 

In this article we dive deeper into the cooling crystals that will most likely thrive more under the Moon light. The following types are: 

A beautiful night time ritual for your courtyard is setting up a picnic rug surrounded with candles, bringing out your favourite crystals that need a recharge on that night and feeling into whether they and you would enjoy bathing in this particular Full Moon. 
Every Full Moon radiates a different energy depending on which constellation it's in at the time. You may find certain Full Moons more exhausting rather than energising, and so it's good to check in with yourself and see whether moonbathing feels aligned to where you're at in life.
Moon's energy can not only recharge your crystals, but it certainly uplifts and nourishes you. We often like to refer to the Moon as Mother Moon and her energy is truly supportive, especially for females that want to drop in and feel safer in their container. Men also have their feminine side, which can be worked with when they need to connect further and deeper with their own emotions and understand them in a different light. 
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