Our Philosophy

With the serenity at bay the combination of Zen & the location of Dharamshala brought forth the name Zalah and was founded at the end of 2017 in Melbourne by Jason Lim & Eva Cangarova. Zalah is an online platform, currently based in the Surfcoast of Victoria - Torquay that facilitates the connection between people, raw crystals and healing modalities to help them connect to their soul, so they can feel supported in times of turbulence. One of our biggest values is transparency and the ability to provide evidence on our sourcing practices in an industry that often lacks clarity of where do crystals come from. We are here to serve the community with our elegant aesthetics and crystal styling tips in their interior design and to create a fresh flow of energy in their homes. Our passion is to support our clients with returning back to alignment and to educate on crystal healing, their properties and to create a bridge between spirituality and luxury.

Ethical Sourcing

We live in a very precious world and need to take care of it through sustainability. All our crystals are ethically sourced directly from the caves and mines around India, Pakistan and Australia by three well respected suppliers that we work with - Peter, Ziyad & Bruce. Without having a middle man between us and our very skilled and hardworking crystal hunting team, we can really ensure fair treatment and helping them, their families and the local community around them. Witnessing their personal and professional growth during the work with Zalah is definitely one of the biggest satisfactions and one of the main values of our company. 
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Beauty Of Imperfection

We like to keep things as natural as possible! All our precious pieces are untouched and absolutely raw coming straight from the ground. We are encouraging everyone to see and understand The Beauty Of Imperfection because that's what Mother Nature deserves the most credit for. And not just the imperfection in crystals, but also themselves. If one can accept the crystal raw, imperfect and beautiful as it is, then everyone could be able to accept themselves as humans too - raw, imperfect and beautiful as we all are. Zalah is the place to find your unique crystals and a little friend, that will tell you The Wisdom Of Mother Nature

Sharing & Educating

Sharing is caring! If you've ever had a chance to shop from Zalah you must know we love to give back to our community especially our youth. We want to see people thrive and become the best version of themselves, educating people on our crystals properties and how to incorporate them into our busy lives. How to learn from them, understand them and get our answers. Because we can! We like to be the energy we want to absorb so join the tribe to help your consciousness and heal what needs to be healed. 
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The Journey of a Crystal