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Zalah Crystals

Gift Card

Gift Card

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Is your mom's or best friend's birthday coming up? Perhaps an anniversary with your beloved one? You know they're obsessed with crystals but so unsure which one to buy. The choice can be easy peasy with our new Gift Cards. 

Our gift cards come in five different values and ensure that the person being gifted will have an absolute freedom of choice to mindfully pick a piece that they really connect to. 

We highly believe that specific crystals call our name when we need them the most. This calling may be different for you while choosing a crystal and the person you're actually choosing for. If you ever have any questions and would still love to give your beloved one an actual piece, feel free to consult the choice with us for some more detailed intuitive picking. 

Customised Gift Card values are available upon request. Contact us for more details. 

Shipping & Returns

Australian Orders

We offer Free Shipping on all Australian parcels over $150. For our Victorian friends, orders usually come within 5 business days. For our friends from other states, the delivery takes between 6-10 business days.

International Orders

The shipping fee for International parcels has got two options:

  1. Australia Post Express - $25
  2. DHL Express - $50

Australia Post Express takes around 7-14 days depending on the location, while DHL Express takes around 7 days. Both options come with signature on delivery.

Care Instructions

It's important to cleanse your crystals on regular basis or whenever you feel they're starting to look dull and dusty. The cleaner you maintain your piece, the more light will it allow to shine through and the potency of energy exchange and healing will increase. You can find the sacred Palo Santo wood available in our store and use a burning method by surrounding the crystal with smoke. Alternatively, you use other resins and leaves such as Eucalyptus, Sage or Frankincense.

Most crystals love getting their energy charged from the sunshine, however some crystal families such as Purple Fluorite, Amethyst, Green Apophyllite & Aquamarine are sun sensitive as their color can fade. For those we recommend utilising the moon light under the Full Moon if it feels resonant.

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