What can owning a crystal teach a child?

What can owning a crystal teach a child?

 You Are Beautiful

 I’ve always tried not to stray too far from the pack at school, doing my best to fit in and be liked by everyone so I wouldn’t be teased. But in the later years of my life I realised that being and looking different doesn’t make you weird but actually unique, after all who wants to be like everyone else and originality gives you more respect. For this you'll attract people you truly want in your life. Giving a crystal to a child at a young age can teach them a lot. Firstly a raw crystal is one of a kind as no two crystals are the same, just like every individual the way Mother Nature intended. Whether you are tall, have freckles, curly hair or even have big thighs it’s completely normal, we need children to love themselves at a young age and embrace who they are instead of constantly wishing they were someone else and following the mainstreams idea of the ideal body, or to look beautiful because every single one of us are in our own way.

The Superhero Within
When we sell our crystals at the markets we always have kids come up to our stall with a lot of excitement admiring our wide range of collection. Kids are drawn to the energy of raw crystals, fascinated by their vibrant colours, unique textures or unusual shapes. Teaching kids about each stone and what attributes come along with it can almost turn them into a superhero. When necessary a child can call upon a stone for some assistance in a moment. Feeling angry? Have them use Amethyst and place it on their third eye and take 5 deep belly breaths to help them de stress. Hold Rose Quartz on the heart if they want to draw unconditional love into their life. Sitting down having children meditate with a crystal like Apophyllite at a young age will foster healthy habits and encourage positive thinking which can be extremely beneficial when they grow up in life. After all it takes hundreds and thousands of years for certain crystals to form - isn’t that already an amazing fact? Let them use their imagination and be creative. Kids tend to be great at that. 
The First Responsibility Step
One of the greatest skills to teach a child at such a young age is responsibility. Before you buy them a dog or even a plant lets see how they take care of their crystal. So think of it like a little Pokemon, something that you need to clean, feed and take care of. Having a regular schedule for cleaning the crystal can be fun, making it an activity to cleanse it with Sage or placing it in the local river can create regular adventures. Charging the crystal when it’s low on energy in the sunlight, or even setting a monthly reminder for when the full moon is out for extra love. All these tasks can be fun for kids, I know for myself it would have.


Unlike other toys that children grow out of quite fast such as another Barbie or another Lego set, crystals are precious and are something that is either kept forever or given away when you feel like someone can benefit from it more than you. After all who wouldn’t want a crystal as a present.

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