Cleanse your bed to improve your sleep

Cleanse your bed to improve your sleep

Bed - our kingdom, our queendom, a place of rest and deep dreams with possible astral travel. A fun fact about our mind is that our subconscious mind rules 90% of our life, while our conscious mind only 10%. What that means is that just before we go to sleep, while we're asleep and right after we wake up our subconscious mind is very open and we have a chance to work with our energy in order to manifest our dream reality. 

However, if your bed feels dull, your dreams are starting to get a little wild, to the point that they're almost uncomfortable and you wake up in the middle of the night frazzled, chances are you should clean and cleanse your bed off any stagnant energy that it might have picked up whilst you're dreaming and astral travelling. 



Our dreams are a way for our subconscious mind to communicate with us in symbols and learning how to understand our energy while we dream is a little bit of a mystery and a little bit of mastery. Maintaining the energy of our bedroom minimal and cleansed will allow for better sleep, easier programming of the mind through night hypnosis, a better flow of energy when we rest and we might wake up a lot fresher

Not to mention that our pillowcase stores so much bacteria, which can contribute to various skin issues if we don't regularly change it. Sounds like no brainer, but as we get carried away we might forget. 

One of our favorite rituals is to change the entire bedding, say thank you to all the dreams, love making and powerful transformation that occurred in the bed during our sleep. Cleanse the bed with a substance of choice - could be Palo Santo (which is coming to store very soon), Sage, Frankincense or Dragon's Blood resin or even just a Eucalyptus leaf that you can pick up on your walk. 

Burn it, let it smoke well and move your hands in a few different directions on top, around and under your bed for the ultimate energetic cleanse and see how your sleep transforms. You can even set an intention if you'd like to invite a particular energy into your bedroom. 

To complete your ritual, you can select a suitable crystal to accompany your bedside table. Not all crystals are recommended for a place of rest as some may be activating for your Crown Chakra - especially because your bedside table is directly aligned with it when you lay down. 



Our recommendations for Bedroom Crystals are Amethyst for stress relief, Purple Fluorite for programming and working with your superconscious (subconscious), Stilbite for a soft feminine energy, Pink or Green Apophyllite for heart opening and releasing any emotional pain or blockages. You can find the range of these in our online shop and Zalah's excited to introduce Palo Santo into store in December. 

Sweet dreams!


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