Why are we drawn to Raw?

Why are we drawn to Raw?

It’s no surprise that we’re drawn to the natural world and raw crystals. In today's age we live in a very digital space, much different from our ancestors before us; with that also comes a whole set of different challenges. We don’t have to look far for extra stimulation and I don’t mean running away from a lion in the wilderness but the additional frequencies which can be found in the devices in front of us.

I used to work in an office job in the heart of the city, wearing a headset in my ear and looking at a screen punching the keyboard all day. My environment felt un natural surrounded by artificial blue lights chasing KPI’s and targets for the big boss on a daily basis. I was constantly stressed in the process also knowing I could be replaced overnight. It didn’t stop there as I would go home drained and numb myself with the TV and take out meals. I felt more disconnected than ever and my soul was being sucked out of me.

I knew deep within I had more to offer to this world and I would constantly flashback to memories of me in my travels. One of me standing at the edge of a cliff in Norway, completely speechless of this beautiful planet or sharing a meal with a Bedouin tribe in the Sahara desert - this was living and where I felt most alive.

In times like these we look to the natural world as a reminder of what feels real and what does not.

Nature is a great reminder of a space that feels very familiar and calming for our soul. Tapping into this space can be very healing allowing us to make decisions that are more aligned. We add elements into our household that remind us of these connections, like plants and raw crystals to help balance these frequencies. Fast forward to now running Zalah Crystals with Eva, something my wildest dreams could not have imagined.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with life, I hear you, I feel you - we are living in a very interesting time in our life where many shifts are happening at a radical pace. Give yourself the permission to take some time out and call upon the Earth’s elements for guidance and nurturing; and remember be gentle with yourself.


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