sacral chakra.

sacral chakra.

Sacral Healing - what a journey! I must say that going through this chakra has been one of the most challenging times in my life and it's taken me a while to open up about this topic as sexuality and intimacy have always been so tabu in my upbringing. The element of Sacral Chakra {Svadhisthana} is WATER and it's symbolised with the colour orange located in the pubic area.
Just before the end of my Root Chakra healing, I was super excited about my progress and having a balanced Muladhara has literally turned my life around. I felt grounded, very secure and accepting of my origin and past. I somehow knew that Sacral Chakra may be a little bit different and more challenging as there was a lot of unwanted energy stored in my pelvic area, but I was right onto it. 
Sacral Chakra is responsible for sensuality, creativity, emotional body and relationships. It also works as a storage for our shadows, which makes it even more challenging to balance. To give you a honest idea of what my sacral energy looked like just before I started, I'll mention a few things. I was often getting ruled by my emotions and once I turned grumpy it was very hard to turn me happy again. My sexual desire was pretty much non-existent and every time I'd ask my partner for pleasure, deep inside I'd feel bad and not worthy of his time and energy. My lower back pain was really doing my head in and the whole Sacral situation was getting pretty frustrating at times.
There are 2 types of imbalance in our chakras - there's too much energy flowing in or the energy is blocked. Both of these manifest in different ways. Now, this is the time to be completely honest with yourself as it's very easy to slip into a denial while naming some of the characteristics. 


An imbalanced chakra doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you - you're {im}perfect just the way you are. It's an invitation get let go of things and patterns no longer serving you in order to have a more balanced life. 


Growing up in an environment where sexuality is still kind of tabu and somehow frowned upon as it's pictured as something immoral has really left an imprint on me. The imprint of guilt and shame that many of us still face. It's taken me a lot of research, Tantric reading and my own personal experience of opening up to myself to realise that sexual energy and pleasure is not just alright to feel, but crucially important for each woman and man to be in a Mind, Body & Spirit alignment. Taking the ability away from us is like taking away the eternal fire from our life. 

balancing practices. 

Just after the first few days of journaling and looking further into my energetic status, things started shifting for me. I developed a closer and more personal relationship with my body, started getting on top of my health again and there was a spark of creativity! These are some of the practices that have helped me balance my energy the most:  

1) I love you body. 

It all began with acceptance of my body, giving it love, spending time with it and nurturing it. As the element of Sacral Chakra is water, drinking plenty of liquid is very essential in this case. Having a healthy self care routine has allowed me to find a way to look at my body with love and respect and really helped with feeling a pleasurable sexual experience as well. 

Fav self practice: Sitting naked in front of a mirror and acknowledging each part of my body for the beauty of it. 

2) cleansing my sacral past. 

One of the most powerful practices of my healing was writing down a list of all the partners I've sexually connected with in my past and elaborating closer on my experience with them. These are initially the experiences that determine the way we look at sexual pleasure or our position in a sexual connection. Furthermore, visualising these partners in front of me, sending them love regardless of whether the experience was pleasant or not {we don't want to hold any grudges} and LETTING THEM ALL GO. It took me exactly 7 hours and 42 pages in my journal, lots of tears but left me with so much lightness and understanding for mine and their situation at the time. 

3) meditation & crystals. 

Daily meditation was really crucial not only in the period of searching for grounding, but also connecting with my inner fire and acceptance. Repeating my favorite mantra {I am loving. I am loved. I am love} over and over again, while spending time with some of my favourite Sacral Chakra crystals. Crocoite & Garnet will forever remain special to me as they allowed me to really tune into my Sacral energy! 



4) unleashing the creativity. 

It's been a really long time since I spent some proper time on activities that bring me joy other than work. The way I motivated myself was creating an endless list of all activities that make me happy, bring me joy and fulfil my heart. Coming back to that list every time I have a spare moment instead of jumping straight on Instagram and getting lost in the virtual world. 

5) relationship work.

Sitting down with my partner and taking him through all the steps of my healing was so important! Allowing him to understand where I'm at, hearing out his opinion and feeling so much support has really helped me to flow through this healing in peace. Creating healthy boundaries for each of us and communicating very clearly of what aligns with us and what not was also very helpful. 

6) yoni connection.

Attending monthly women circles has encouraged me to create a deeper connection with my yoni, understand and implement Tantra not just with my partner but also with myself. And practices like yoni steaming, mirror eye gazing and pelvic massage have all been a big part of my journey as well. 

balanced sacral chakra. 

After many long months of intense self work, I can say I am so proud of myself! Putting up with all the shadows coming up, commitment to myself and trying different approaches that my body doesn't refuse was very challenging at times and it tested me in many different ways, but I'm so glad my Sacral Chakra is now feeling balanced, happy and the connection between my soul and my yoni has never been stronger before. I feel fluid, creative, playful and sensual and these are all attributes I haven't been able to feel for years! I really hope some of my thoughts were able to help and motivate you and I'm always here for anyone who's got any questions. :) 
Namasté dear Tribe.
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