The Importance of Grounding

The Importance of Grounding

I invite you to sit down, feel into your bodies and notice the connection between the base and Mother Earth. The connection that keeps us grounded, present and secure, however sometimes a little overlooked. The element of Root Chakra {Muladhara} is EARTH and it's symbolised with the colour red located in the base of our spine.
I've always had a very ambitious and curious nature, travelled the world, thought I had it all figured out. Up until the day my guilt, shame and unresolved past came all at once as a massive flashback with a shameful image of myself in my head. 
The day I took my journal, Smokey Quartz and started my Chakra Healing because I knew, that I am the master of my life and only I can change what's no longer invited. First time journaling, first time committing to a daily meditation, first time going real deep in my conditioning and surrendering to the journey. 
There are 2 types of imbalance in our chakras - there's too much energy flowing in or the energy is blocked. Both of these manifest in different ways. Now, this is the time to be completely honest with yourself as it's very easy to slip into a denial while naming some of the characteristics. 


An imbalanced chakra doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you - you're {im}perfect just the way you are. It's an invitation get let go of things and patterns no longer serving you in order to have a more balanced life. 


Childhood memories have a massive influence of our lives. We remember all these little comments dad used to make, things mom used to tell us off for and all the tease we got at high school. I really believe most of my imbalance came from my family background, the way I was raised up, the environment I was growing up in and the people surrounding me.
I grew up in a place where money rules everything - money is praised, which made me believe it's an equivalent to happiness and actions I was taking were leading me to a more egocentric and less mindful life. Lashing out was a part of my behaviour and even though I questioned the source of it all, I only truly understood once I looked at my parents and the way they grew up. Even though they knew no better, me breaking from the cycle felt very empowering. I seeked love in others rather than myself, moved through 6 countries, never found myself grounded and rarely felt any sense of belonging. 

realisation & change. 

I became aware and accepted the state of my Root Chakra. I understood all those haunting moments are lessons and blessings of the human experience and there are so many tools to BALANCE THE ENERGY. These are the ones really close to my heart that helped me get through some really challenging times on my way to self exploration :) 

1) meditation. 

Starting my morning with a short meditation instead of grabbing my phone for Instagram scrolls was so significant. Learning how to sit still, observe my thoughts, my breath and not get attached. Just observe and see what comes up. I love to meditate for at least 11 minutes each day, as I truly feel the shift in my mind after this number. I envision color red {color of Root Chakra} and energy flowing from the ground through my base up my spine.  

2) affirmations. 

I love to repeat mantras and affirmations, that manifest my thoughts and goals. I invite you to find the most suitable ones for your meditation by following your heart and feeling into your body. "I am grounded, I trust the Wisdom Of Life" resonated with me the most and became my motto while balancing my Root Chakra. 

3) mother nature & crystals. 

Walking barefoot, sitting on the grass and hugging the trees are all great sources of grounding. Mother Nature has so much power to offer so surrendering to her energy will show you some wonders. Crystals are like prophets from Mother Nature guiding us through the darkness in order to reach the light.



4) letting go of the past. 

Nobody said it was easy, quick or pain free. The deeper I went, the more junk I found. I acknowledged, accepted, let go and moved on. The only way to invite the new is to let go of the old, while focusing on presence and who we want to become. 

5) music & yoga.

Who would have thought that even external factors such as listening to grounding music {Mongolian Throat Singing for the first time was a profound experience on its own} and having a nice yoga flow with specific Root Chakra poses would make such a difference? 

6) food.

Introducing Chakra Healing Foods into my daily routine is so much fun! My body was literally craving some root veggies, which is the body's way of telling us what exactly we need. The more in tune I was, the more I understood the energy and how I can balance it with food. After finishing my first Root Chakra meal {roasted beetroot, sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips & garlic} I could literally feel the tingling heat in my legs and my base.

Dedicate a day, go to a farmers market, cook and eat with awareness and see how you go. Feel it yourself and please, feel free to share the results! :) 

balanced root chakra. 

Balancing the chakras is not a quick fix, it's a never-ending process of awareness and understanding. It's a lifestyle. After I gave it a really good go with my full dedication, my life forever changed. One chakra at the time and I felt like a new person. I was a new person. Grounded, connected to my body, able to control my words and owning up to them as well. My relationship with myself became a step healthier, my past stopped haunting me and I could finally say those words with confidence - I am grounded, I trust the Wisdom Of Life.  

Being vulnerable is freeing and seeing us all heal is powerful. Please, do not hesitate to contact me at any point of need, share, connect and let me know if you resonate.

Namasté dear Tribe.

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